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The process of ordering VIP Account is as follows:

1. Choosing tariff of VIP acc

2. Purchase:

  • Way 1 (recommended): Via our Store, in this case you just need to pay any convenient method of payment, after the payment, I immediately get an message from system and perform the activation of your account. Our store support gateways: PayPal and Wallet One
  • Way 2: Through the following purses in hand, showing the data in a message to the translation, after the payment be sure to write me in PM @Electr0 about what you paid, I will activate your account:
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Payment is made at the following purses, one of the most convenient for you:


  • DollarWM.PNG Z379148898595 - in USD
  • EuroWM.PNG E965196014159 - in Euro


  • Our billing address: money@ally.pro
  • In the account, click Send and receive continue Send money to friends and family and input the recipient of your billing address.

3. Be sure to fill out all the transfers a message to the translation, which include the following information:

  2. Term of services, a minimum of 1 month.
  3. Your contacts for the feedback, for example a link to the page in STEAM, skype, icq, e-mail address (if you are friends with @Electr0 is not required)


An example of a well-formed message to the order: STEAM_ID: STEAM_1:0:31270679, Tariff: VIP++, Time: 1 mouth, Contacts: skype: electroshock-007, Tag: Meow


In WebMoney line looks like this:

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WM_Message ENG.PNG

In PayPal:

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Message PayPal ENG.PNG



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