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Abusive attitudes of a vip player

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I'm making a complaint against a user named Vanessa.
This user is abusive with other users, threatens, insults and humiliates any player, using their VIP status to act with impunity.

My question is: can a VIP user have a privileged position to manage as an administrator?

I send captures of the chat of other users and the user Mav, where the VIP user Vanessa insults him exclusively.

First, the monday´s pictures.

Second, the photos showing how Vanessa insults other players and threatens them with the expulsion.

This Monday was the last: the user Eliza entered and asked Vanessa to start annoying the others. Then Vanessa humiliated and insulted everyone, not letting others play. The problem was so serious, that could not finish a game and several players left the server.

The harassment was so severe that I could not take it any more and I was angry with her.  I apologize for losing my patience that way.

In addition, there were other players, like Eliza, who asked Vanessa to cause problems, mocking the situation, like Draciel and Liry.

It tried to solve this with a vote, but could not be expelled to Vanessa, by its condition of VIP player.
Mr. Administrator, you warned that you would not allow more outrages, can you do something with these players: Vanessa, Eliza, Draciel, Liry? They just entered the server to annoy everyone.

Add more evidence that shows that user Vanessa always acts the same way and with other users and other servers. for a long time.
And also that he continues to abuse his VIP status today.

Screenshot_1 (2).png





































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Hi to the Alliance Administration:
1.- THE TRANSLATION IS INCORRECT, it is evident that it is not telling the truth darkness, even a friend of mine made me a complaint that you attacked him on the alternative coop server and had to leave, I am not lying.
2. You also hurt the players, you talk about correcting mistakes but what you say is a lie.
Dear alliance administrators, I do not need discrimination, it's the ones that start and then like to remain silent before such a situation without defending myself, my friends can justify for me, even in the server of mega survival, I am attacked by players that I have never Seen, please and they're telling me that I'm looking for problems, that's a lie, I do it with just justification, my friends Eliza, Draciel and Liry have nothing to do with this matter because that person is attacking me and I have Tests, I'm not a liar.

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Now if you allow me to explain, you accuse me of expelling the players for no reason, that's a lie, when I start playing on the mega survival server, players who never see them, come and only attack me, I just want to play with My friends even help them in whatever they can while building their shelters.











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In the next capture he accuses me of expelling the player "" spik112 "" without cause, that is a lie, the player "" spik112 "" when he enters to play does not do more than "" troller "" to the players, throwing vomitonas and burning All when we reach the shelter, even disable and not help, I have friends who complain about the same player, I was even informed that it was banned by an administrator on the mega survival server.
Please Alliance Managers, this person is looking for ways to harm my person and my friends, with incorrect translations, he says that you should punish bad players Vip. Why not punish the first for lying.
these players no longer write in the chat and use the microphone.


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The translation is correct. Another issue is if you're bad at spelling ...<_<

The user Mav discriminates you? But if you are from Bolivia !!! o.O
Look at your flag! : is Bolivia ... or Nepal? or you are from RussiaO.o

So I killed you ... but ... And the infected ones that surrounded her? And the tank that was crossing the road? And the infected and chargers who surrounded the users Mav and Mono Loco, whom I tried to save them?:|

I ask you another question: why does everyone attack you? Why does everyone insult you and attack you? Watch your pictures ...
Is it because you attack them all first, insult them and threaten them? It will not be because you, who annoys everyone, can not be expelled due to your VIP player status? Everyone loses patience with you!

Did not you read what I wrote before?:

"The harassment was so severe that I could not take it any more and I was angry with her.  I apologize for losing my patience that way."

Why does everyone hate you? Because you are a young and pretty girl?  o.Oof course not. The cause is different. 

And my possible friendly fire...<_<

I remember a friend of yours who gave good advice on the theme " Illegal gambling of some players (Eliza and Draciel)", right?  (humm... Two other friends from you...<_< ).

Look at the picture.

And I add a video from January (three months ago) on the server. Vanessa against all ... in action.

Cordially greetings



video 1.mkv

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It's amazing what happens on the servers during the sunrise . Is it really an anarchy? Players who come in to annoy others, and insult, humiliate, Is it commonplace in these servers? Is there no one to control this? They deserve exemplary punishment (ban, for example).
I'm impressed by the video. I have never seen so much of a bastard from one player to another, that he just plays and does not respond. As for the photos of the player accused, no player attacks another, if not attacked first. The accused player is overstepped and someone should control the server when she is playing.

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Why are you crying? :'( You feel guilty, right? -_-
He won an Academy Award for Actress in a Leading Role !! . From the Movie: Pinocchio! 9_9
Why does the user maty attack you? And the other players?
On Wednesday, March 15, you expelled 1.2 ... 5 players, in a single day !!
| NoCry | Leto Die, Maty, Donald J Trump President, DarkJhon ... Victimies or Victims?

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Now I understand, Vanessa .... has a personal problem with user Mav. xD
Now, what does she have to do with her abuses as a VIP player? o.O
The problem with you is in the servers, do not get confused.

Those photos are not valid for your defense.

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