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Game Rules of the °• Alliance’s Servers

1. The rights and obligations of the parties
1.1 Ignorance of the present Rules is no excuse for violating them.
1.2 Periodically all players are obliged to check the present Rules for changes in their contents.
1.3 At any time the Administration is entitled to circumscribe (to ban or to block) access to a user or subnetwork without giving any reasons.
1.4 The Administration is entitled to control and step in the game process in cases where it is inevitable or necessary.
1.5 In the event of a servers’ crashes, the administration will take the necessary steps to improve its capacity in the shortest possible time.
1.6 In any offences the owner of the account is responded of it, regardless of who committed the action under this account.
1.7 Giving appropriate evidence service users are entitled to file a complaint in the appropriate section of the forum, in case of violation against him any clauses of the present Rules by other players or one of the administrators or co-administrator. 
1.8 Service users have to fulfill the requirements of the Administration (in case of violation of the rules) and regulations of the present Rules.

2. General rules of conduct on the server:
2.1. The present Rules provide using borrowed nicknames and clan tags, also nicknames which contain:
- Offensive, incorrect, obscene language and expression;
- Abusive language to other players in any form;
- Advertising information (address of any site or server);
2.2. It is strictly provided using the administration’s nicknames.
2.3. It is forbidden to use general chat/voice channel/menu voting in the next cases:
- Repetition of a single phrase, flood;
- Clogged voice channel with information which is not relevant to the gameplay during the game;
- In communication players, including in sprays, are prohibited obscene expressions which can suppress honor and dignity of the players, also all forms of racism, sexism, religious, political and ethnic intolerance, etc., and inciting conflict or pushing them!
- Frequent using (flood) of vote;
- It is forbidden to use sprays with pornographic character.
2.4. It is forbidden to use servers’ bugs and tamper with the client settings that disrupt the gameplay and foul play against other players.
2.5. If you find a new servers’ bug, report it to the administration server in the appropriate section of the forum.
2.6. It is forbidden to perform any actions that may interfere gameplay or cause server instability and to its complete failure.
2.7. Not advertise any products, sites or other game servers via the game communication.
2.8. It is forbidden to deliberately attack and kill members of your team (including bots) regardless of the circumstances.
2.9. It is forbidden to use any programs, scripts, modifications, cheats etc. which give an advantage in the game compared to other players.
2.10 If you are reading the present Rules for the purpose of filing an application to be one of the administrator on the server or servers, write in the 13th clause of application: “Panda, who is the father of the Duck?”
2.11 It is forbidden to build up on the special infected (Tanks and other evil spirits) with objects of construction.
2.12 Survivors are prohibited to go beyond the map’s borders that is surrounded by fences and other things for your survival.

2.13 Do not  interfere with the exit of the zombies  from their spawn points such as doors, windows, gaps, roofs of buildings from which they run out etc.

2.14 Do not build safe places in such way that the player controlling a tank could not get to it. Also you cannot to delete the bridges, stairs to the building and other objects that serve as a way to enter to the safe places after loading slot and the beginning of the panic.

2.15 Do not build safe places over the chasm, thus breaking the logic of the birth of the zombies, including tanks (you need to kill infected after finishing building, not to behold the inscription: “ The Tank died a virgin without receiving damage”).

2.16 Do not build objects in places that is used as ladder infected (Invisible stairs).

2.17 The players controlling a tank are not allowed to use the tank for other purposes.

2.18 Survivors are forbidden to build walls from their doors for their buildings.

2.19 It is forbidden for survivors to get out metes and bounds the map which is allotted special for the survivors and fenced with invisible walls and other objects which allude "You can not be there".

2.20 It is forbidden for survivors to participate in any conspiracy against other players on the server.
2.21. Recommendations:
- We are for a team playing;
- Help for beginners;
- Help in identifying the worst offenders, also bugs and problems in the operation of our servers.

2.22. It is forbidden to use Nazi symbols in buildings, as well as numerical combinations hinting at Nazism.

2.23. It is forbidden to use the symbols of military blocs and armies in buildings [war is war, but people come to us to play, and not once again stumble upon the current agenda]


3. The rights and obligations of the Administration of the Servers:
3.1. Administrator (Co-Admin) of the server is required to:
- Perform their duties, according to the agreements with the Head-Administrator of the server and the present Rules;
- Be polite, patient and judicial during his obligations’ fulfilment;
- Guided by the present Rules, to administrate all possible assistance to the players;
- To keep order and maintenance for the present Rules of the servers;
- To caution the players against his offenses through the built-in admins’ admonition, and if the player does not understand and systematically continue to violate, to give a BAN for a certain time;
- To act up and take all possible measures to improve the game on the server.

- when join in to the server start a demo record, you need name the records with unique names, so that at any time you can refer to it, the retention period of the record is 2 weeks

3.2. Administrator (Co-Admin) has no right
- Use the Administrator’s possibilities in order to getting any benefits for themselves and for others;
- To behave towards others incorrectly;
- To hide the information about violations of the rules;
- Give the ban/kick without any reason, from the words of one player without confirmation and evidence of other players (two or more) or Co-Admin;
- To disclose the specifics of the software and any other confidential information which became known to him while he was or is being an Administrator (Co-Admin);
- To report to the Head-Administrator about violations of the present Rules by one of the Co-Admin;

3.3. Basic Actions of the Administrator (Co-Admin) that may lead to deprivation of the rights of the administrator:
- Infraction of the clauses of the present Rules;
- Exceeding admin’s commission, mockery at players and game interference;
- Unjustified ban and incomprehensible reasons of the ban in SourceBans;
- The absence on the server where he is the Administrator (Co-admin) for a long time without valid reason or prevention.

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