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  1. I don't hate him, i hate this shit they always bring up which makes no sense
  2. One group is the players who play regular on your servers from years other is a family wanting revenge, choice is yours. Or u can completely ignore it,which i think is best because this shit will never stop
  3. Just lock this thread,, this celina/mav/ family is cancer of alliance servers,, im so tired of this shit happening again and again
  4. @Electr0 this explains a lot,, and i think you and the alliance staff should dtop paying attention to those spanish complaint threads,, they don't make much sense
  5. This nigga right here is trying to take revenge for his fat ass sister because vanessa and his friends exposed her,, seriously get a life dude and get ur sister a treadmill.. And @Electr0 i agree on the use of doors they just spam it everywhere its annoying and ugly af
  6. and i was wondering how can we go on a month without an issue from some random spanish player.... and here we are again.
  7. hahah so this is a issue now.... i don't understand what the hell he is trying to say but i kicked because you couldn't digest that I didn't delete my base and why would i?
  8. You shouldn't be bringing your personal issues to alliance staff ,what do they have to do with this stuff? either way! still the amount of ignorance in this post is unacceptable.
  9. Nickname in the game :Harvey Old STEAM_1:0:1260266538 New STEAM_1:1:146445459
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