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  1. Really? https://ally.pro/topic/572-kik-za-vhod-na-server/?tab=comments#comment-7949
  2. AFK? the bot can not bend over and shoot with the AWP. And you did shoot. And you fired your AWP inside the Safe Room, killing some of the players. See the following image:
  3. i found this video. If you like cats and zombies, see it and have fun :wink:



  4. Maybe ... now I do not want to write anymore, I just want to play in peace.
  5. Hey, hey, quiet !! It's just a harmless comment. see you soon.
  6. I suppose you compared this to your theme. The bad behavior of the players: "TheBlackPolar ™", "KINGPYRO", "Noee 'ツ" on Supercoop and coop alternative servers please.
  7. A video more, where the user Vanessa annoys the user Anton. video 2 e.mkv
  8. Mono Loco...Crazy Monkey... You must evolve. Be a man once and for all. Look at the image I sent to Electr0. Do you see the terrible mav's family over there? I'm bothering your friend Fast, Erick Jäger, Liry? And nicorobinpiece43, where is it? And on the accusations of pharm... I did not do it here, without a previous complaint, called: Illegal gambling of some players (Eliza and Draciel) Please, learn to read.
  9. I'm not sure if that statement is correct. Watch how the members of the "supposed" two groups are playing on the same server in peace.
  10. That's why I wrote before: Whether or not expulsions are justified, is too much. Besides, there's still the unanswered question from Vanessa: Why do all these players behave like this with her or her team? I hope she appears here to respond. As for mav, I have investigated it too. These are her activities that she did in the same period of time (30.1.2017 - 16.3.2017)
  11. Eliza: No administrator had received false complaints from us You, playing with an admin next door: You, playing without an administrator by:
  12. Vanessa: I do not have time for your stupidities anymore. I have to play mega You can play. Others did not play so much, as far as I can see. About 38 expulsions, I think. And in 45 days. Whether or not those expulsions are justified, they are too many for someone who has no problems with anyone, as you say.
  13. Second video, day Monday 13 March. Sorry for the quality. Have fun. video 2 c.mkv
  14. Яблочко: what's going on here? Hello. Thanks for comment. But you should not be surprised: this group of people was known before by these attitudes by almost everybody. The problem was that nobody wanted or could face them. The reasons are obvious: look at all that attacked me in a few days of posting the topic. They did not defend Vanessa: they attacked me. Anyway, I hope you will see that the result of all this. Cordially greetings.
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