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  1. It is not necessary to travel the world and meet many people to realize how special you are ,Happy Women's Day :vk_persik_6:


  2. Para tu amigo! :vk_persik_6:www.youtube.com/watch?v=ut_OrdTv41I

  3. mav

    Lich king

    @Goglol I already changed my gift, why do not you change yours? because your profile picture looks very ugly and does not scare anyone.
  4. mav

    Lich king

    @Marysan Well, as you could see in the screenshots. I do not usually build palaces, and I have managed to survive for a long time and at the same time get a very good position in the rank, as I said before, they are different points of view
  5. mav

    Lich king

    @Marysan I remind you, if you did not know? I was number 1 of the rank 11 months ago. And if there was another Latino player to reach that position, the truth is that I do not know. Regarding the issue of respect, we differed: I do not ask for your respect, it was an idea, nothing more! the truth ... it's a pity, since many latin players are subscribed in the forum and seeing their response and their words only makes it look bad. As for the subject of the deal, well, it is a matter of points of view.
  6. mav

    Lich king

    @Marysan As? you are wrong with me and very wrong, how long ago is admins on this server? months? or not?? Do you know me? Do we ever play together in mega? We were friends before being admins? Uncover your ears and do not be swayed by the slander of other players, be impartial and friendly with other players who are not your friends and be a great admins and you will earn the respect of all Latin players and when you send a video where there is tests that your friends are trolls, try not to ignore and look the other way, it bothers you that you have returned to Mega? or is my rank 3 of the se
  7. mav

    Lich king

    @Marysan Sorry, but the game is basically survival. that's why it's called the server Mega Survival. And a shelter, as Necrothos points out, does not serve to survive. They do not look tough. To survive is to endure as long as possible. P.D .: soon I will modify my shelter.
  8. mav

    Lich king

    @NECROTHOS First: write in English, please. I do not understand anything to you. Second: write in English, please. I do not understand anything to you. Third: you ask Electr0 about the reasons for your decisions and then we talk. P.D .: relax, boy.
  9. mav

    Lich king

    @Marysan His statement is full of errors. I will explain everything in great detail: The schedule: there are 8 hours of difference between Buenos Aires and Moscow, it is impossible for me to play early, for my work and other issues. I start playing when the majority of your country is at dawn; I almost always play with the guys in my group in Super Coop. 3 weeks ago I went back to Mega Survival and we always alternated from server to not get bored. The screenshots of the player Necrothos: last night I found that my refuge no longer had bars. As I learned from player Zero, they have erased
  10. mav

    Lich king

    @NECROTHOS what you see in the screenshot are two annexed bases. They are not beautiful, but they are very resistant. I prefer an ugly shelter, sick or made of shit, to a useless shelter, that does not resist anything to the infected. I prefer my refuge, where I resisted 176 minutes, to a beautiful palace. Here I show you my best time there. Screenshot 1: my shelter Screenshot 2: Zero´s shelter
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