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  1. Привет marysan скажите мне вашу игру почти каждый день со мной в mega, вы когда-нибудь я вели себя плохо с игроками
  2. I do not have time for your stupidities anymore I have to play mega
  3. es por eso que estas que estas solo por que solo sirves para joder a la gente
  4. You have nothing to do but annoy the people who pathetic you are
  5. Stop crying like a girl Do not make a fool of yourself
  6. I only respond to your insult shows the complete picture Already stop making the tone Only shows what you want
  7. que ridiculos son marcela y tu dan mucha pena ya deja pelear como mujercita y no molestes
  8. MAV you are 40 years old and you have behavior as a girl of 10 and your gastón too
  9. You suffer so much MAV for telling the truth Already stops behaving like a child and mature
  10. She is the most troublesome and her brothers Stop making a fool of yourself and do not bother
  11. That should tell MAV You have already forgotten how many people vote MAV
  12. Well stop making a fool of yourself if you better play
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