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  1. It is clear that user "Eliza" makes illegal games and also insults administrators This happened on the day "2017-01-18" hour "03:54" I attach image of the messages and the translation. Translation of the messages in the image : Eliza: Electr0 is becoming very mamon . ( " mamon " : you are a believed , He behaves like a child ) Is an insult in Mexican language and Eliza is from Mexico Mono Loco: ajajaj ( The user " Mono Loco " laughs at eliza's message, makes fun of you ) Mono Loco: maintenance can be
  2. Hello to all, Administrators and users in general I will speak of my companion "TheBlackPolar ™" and "KING PYRO" , They do not connect regularly and have other activities therefore they can not defend themselves against what they are accused of. I'll start by saying that I do not like problems, so I'll answer this question only once. 1. I am accused of "harassing" the players, but only the friends of the user "Fast" they accuse me, I could not harass him since I work and only play for hours, check in my activity log. 2. I am accused of insulting with
  3. nickname: Noee old: STEAM_0:0:252734637 new: STEAM_0:1:176338448
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