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  1. Fast

    Thank you for all your help
    you are very good :)
    bye bye Lilya

  2. Mucho Ruido y Pocas Nueces = Much ado About Nothing. ... With the expression of much noise and few nuts is to be noted that, despite a great fuss or revolution, in the end there is no real or positive result, it makes a lot of noise but in the end nothing is done, All is artifice
  3. bla bla bla blaaaaa darkness, "" MUCHO RUIDO Y POCAS NUECES ""'
  4. jajajajajaaa Liar jester darkness.
  5. This is very strange, That has to do with the player "Nataly" and why prohibition? , if it player "Nataly" not was in that moment.
  6. The prohibition was made, I must say that before they think of banning player "Nataly", did not do anything wrong, if we remember well before the statistics are separated the three servers were as united, players could go to mega survival And playing there, it is because of this that many players climbed very fast, also scored points, but that does not see anything wrong against the player "Nataly".
  7. A question Is this configuration necessary for the supercoop server? If so it should only be added by console or in .cfg file. I have my own configuration and I do well
  8. The player Noee says that he does not remember or he does not want to admit it, if you spoke badly of "Electro" and I remember it well, not only that you spoke badly of me and of my friends even let the player "theBlackPolar" insult my friends " Nataly " and " Draciel "
  9. I am not a judge, nor am I an administrator nor am I VIP, I am just a normal player who wants to play normal on a normal server with my friends. Electro say that nothing criminal nothing criminal nothing, well the chats are moving every day because the players always write so the messages move. If I made this publication is because I as a player when I go to play I see these faults and I do not see a penalty or attention call. If there was nothing criminal in what I published I would not have published this, you do not see it or you can understand it because of the language difference, but the point is that the fault is made the players continue to play without a penalty, they will continue doing that to Hidden from you, and I will remain as the affected one affected, not only I any player that could be affected, because I try to do something to stop that and I was ignored. Well Mr. Electro if you say that there is no serious fault is fine I will continue playing but "" if the river sounds is because stones brings "" Thank you and have a good day to all users of this forum and administrators.
  10. https://hlstats.ally.pro/hlstats.php?mode=chat&game=l4d2&page=467 https://hlstats.ally.pro/hlstats.php?mode=chat&game=l4d2&page=467 >> 6:47:53 Electro все они пишут там в чат-серверов, я не хочу утомлять вас больше с большим количеством ссылок, но так как игроки, как они, которые не заботятся об уважении к другим, должны быть наказаны, я просто хочу играть с друзьями, но если они будут ругань, подъезжали угрозы и насмешки, то правила этого сервера не работают
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